About Us


Growing up in the heart of Atlanta, my equestrian roots always inspired dreams of expansive property for my horses. Amidst the daily grind, I dove deep into understanding the offgrid lifestyle, armed with information and the dream of breaking free. With my husband's expertise in carpentry and mechanics, we envisioned building a self-sustained life together.

2020's pandemic was our turning point. Trading city life in Atlanta for the open road, we set out for New Mexico, a land of opportunity and beauty. Here, we discovered affordable land, making our offgrid aspirations a reality. In a whirlwind of events, we bought 20 acres, sold our Atlanta home within 48 hours, and downsized our lives drastically.

Upon arriving in New Mexico, we quickly established our homestead: digging a well, setting up a solar system, and living fully offgrid. Fate presented us with an adjacent 5-acre plot, expanding our territory to 25 acres.

Our journey has been seamless, with every step guided by a fortunate force. Today, we thrive in our offgrid paradise and are eager to share our learnings with those curious about this life. Join us as we inspire and educate on the beauty of going offgrid.


My journey has always been steered by a deep-seated passion for planning and organization. This innate drive has not only allowed me to meticulously map out my dreams but also realize them in their entirety. Over the years, I've recognized that the magic lies not just in dreaming, but in structuring those dreams into achievable blueprints.

Offgrid Homestead Fam was birthed from this very essence of my being. Seeing the boundless potential of offgrid living, and understanding the nuances of the planning required, I wanted to bridge the gap for others.

My mission? To inspire and educate those looking to embrace this fulfilling lifestyle, by offering guidance rooted in practical planning and organizational strategies.

As the author of the Beginner's Survival & Prepping Manual and the Offgrid Planning Workbook, I have distilled my extensive knowledge into comprehensive guides for those who want to be more prepared or are embarking on their offgrid journey. I empower readers to navigate the challenges of self-sufficiency with confidence.

In addition to my writing, I assist people through offgrid planning courses and consulting services, assisting individuals in meticulously planning their offgrid lifestyles. With my guidance, countless individuals have been able to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams of sustainable living.

With Offgrid Homestead Fam, I'm not just sharing a dream; I'm providing tangible tools and resources. Let my passion be the compass that guides you in your offgrid exploration, ensuring every step you take is both informed and intentional.